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    Grouping Sheets (Excel 2000/SP-1)

    I've been playing with my idea to enter data in the first several columns on a number of sheets in my workbook by grouping them (as I briefly described in <post#=389020>post 389020</post#>. It seems to be working well for the most part. However, when I insert a row on the first sheet (the sheet that "feeds" all the others), although a new line is added on the subsequent sheets as well, any formulas contained in cells beyond the initial "duplicate" columns does not get brought down. the formulas are automatically carried forward when a new row is added at the end, but not when it is inserted in the middle. What is the best way to change this behavior? I'm assuming I need to keep watch on the Worksheet Change event and include some code to add the formulas as necessary. Is that the correct (or most efficient) approach? Any code snippets that would point me in the right direction would be helpful, too. Many thanks!

    --Karyl (wondering how many years it is going to take until I feel as comfortable coding in Excel as I do in Word or Access. . .)

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    Re: Grouping Sheets (Excel 2000/SP-1)

    You might be better off creating your own insert code and not use excel's.

    You can make sure all the correct sheets are selected and make sure the appropriate formulas are copied.


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