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Thread: Excel Template

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    Excel Template

    I have an Excel template (.xlt) file that I had to make changes to. I now have Excel 2000 (Part of Office 2000) and that is the version in which I saved the template. Most of my users still have Excel 8.0 (Part of Office 97). When they try to use my newly saved template, there is a compile error. I don't get this error in Excel 2000. There is not a "save-as-office-97-template" in Excel 2000. Does anyone know how I can save this template so that my users can use it? Many thanks!

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    Re: Excel Template

    The problem is more do with VBA macros than the file format. Your workbook most likely contains a macro that is not compatible with the version of VBA in XL97. It is probably possible to rewrite so that your XL97 users can open the file.

    Try and find where the error occurs and see if you can find a solution. If the file does not open, then hold down the Shift key whils opening it and try to run each macros individually and take note of any error(s). If you cannot resolve the problem make another post with more details of the macros and somebody will help you.

    Andrew C

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