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    List Style vs. Outline Numbering (Word 2002 SP-2)

    Word 2002 introduced a 4th tab -- "List Styles" -- in the Bullets and Numbering dialog, and I've been unable to find much discussion of the subject (including in the 3rd-party books I've got on Word 2002). I can see the how and the what, but I'm unclear on the why.

    Specifically, I'm wondering about the relation of multi-level List Styles to Outline Numbering schemes. Were List Styles introduced by Microsoft as a simpler, more user-friendly way to set up stable (assuming they're stable) multi-level numbering schemes for users who didn't need quite as many options as Outline Numbering schemes provide (and didn't want to have to watch out for "digging to China" and all the rest, and didn't need them to be linked to the Heading styles)? Or are List Styles intended to be used in somewhat different circumstances from Outline Numbering schemes -- i.e., are there certain kinds of numbering schemes for which List Styles are more appropriate than Outline Numbering?

    In a document whose headings are tied to an Outline Numbering scheme, it looks to me like List Styles might be the way to go for a customized "supplemental" multi-level list in the document that was outside the outline scheme. But is that relatively rare (I would think) scenario pretty much the only one where I should be thinking about using a multi-level List Style?

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    Re: List Style vs. Outline Numbering (Word 2002 SP-2)

    I'm sorry to see that no one replied to your post. I am currently writing documentation for 2003 styles, and am wondering the same thing as you expressed ... why a special tab for List Styles? The List styles previously provided by Microsoft can be customized, and it is easy to create another style for a customized list, including the use of special bullets. I have two specific questions:

    1) The three existing list styles provided on the new List Styles tab are used by law firms. In the past I've created them as regular styles specifying those types of numbering. Is there something special about creating them as list styles that makes them more dependable and less likely to cause corruption than regular styles? Why were those types of legal numbering predesigned?

    2) Or ... is this a style that has been made to seem important by placing it on a separate tab, but which provides no extra or special functions?

    I'm trying to understand how I'm going to "sell" this to a class. I need to hear from anyone who has been using this as to what difference it has made to you.


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