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    Data Validation (2003)

    Loungers, I want to set up a data validation that will allow only one value to be entered into a line of cells - say C1,C2,C3, so if there is a value put into C1 & C3 an Error alert is generated. I guess that this is the best method, if there is some other method I'd be keen to know.

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    Re: Data Validation (2003)

    Select the range of cells.
    Select Data | Validation...
    Select Custom from the 'Allow' dropdown list.
    Enter the following formula in the 'Formula' box:


    where $C$1:$C$3 is the range; the $ signs make the reference absolute (this is necessary, otherwise the reference will change from cell to cell)
    Activate the Error Alert tab.
    Make sure that the check box is ticked.
    Set the style to Stop, and enter an appropriate title and error message.
    Click OK.

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