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    textbox positioning on page (WordXP)


    I have a textbox, in the textbox its formatted with a table & a logo(graphics) .
    in Word97, i had a floating shape (logo) and I could specify the exact location on the page i wanted to position my logo eg 2 cms from top page margin, 1cm from right hand margin.
    can i specify my textbox in a particular location on the page? i cant seem to find the settings that will allow me to float. or is that just with shapes? and not textboxes? whats the best way to do this for my textbox? would i need to design my 'textbox' using another method?


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    Re: textbox positioning on page (WordXP)

    I suspect that your textbox has been placed "In line with text".

    Select the textbox and then from Format > Text Box... choose the layout tab and click the Advanced button. On the Text Wrapping tab choose how you want this text box to interact with text on the page, on the Picture Position tab choose where you want to place it on the page.


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