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    custom menu add to work with any ppt (2002 SP-2)

    I added a custom menu with a dropdown list that calls several different macros. The macros are stored in a worksheet called macros.ppt. These macros are utilities that simplify highly repetitive tasks while building presentations. They are not used during shows. Macros.ppt is generally "not open", and it only contains the macros.

    Every time I display the custom menu list and select a macro to run, the "has macros / enable / disable..." dialog pops up (as if opening a file with macros) adding an additional step (accepting) to my otherwise "transparent to the user" process (which I would like to be 100% transparent to the user!).

    How can I avoid this? Can you redirect me to a post that will teach me how to have these macros available for any presentation (like what you can do in excel)?

    Thank you

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    Re: custom menu add to work with any ppt (2002 SP-2)

    See the thread starting at <post#=150105>post 150105</post#>.

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