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    In-Use Area Problems (All)

    I am repeatedly frustrated by Excel's bizarre behavior occasionally when automatically selecting the worksheet area to include many more rows/columns than are currently in use (though they may have been previously) and causing prints to either be inexplicably microscopic with fit-to-% or some ridiculous number of pages with 100%. The slider bars are also out of whack. I know there are workarounds for printing like manually selecting a scaling %, but that's no fix in my mind.

    I've tried saving from R1C1, deleting rows and columns beyond the slider bars, formatting to 'normal' and no -fill no -borders no -etc., but the excessive selection won't go away.

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    Re: In-Use Area Problems (All)

    Different Excel versions behave differently in this respect. In general, a reference to ActiveSheet.UsedRange in Visual Basic is supposed to reset the used range, but it won't always work in Excel 2000.

    There are some threads about this subject, for example those starting at <post#=50564>post 50564</post#>, <post#=133048>post 133048</post#>, <post#=190787>post 190787</post#>.

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