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    Linked Excel Files (2k)

    Can you have multiple users using a front-end file that links to an excel file? I have a main form that gets its data from an excel file, and when more than 1 person has it open at one time, it doesn't work. I'm trying it on my network over here and it is giving me access problems (says a user has the file open exclusively on another machine so the file can't be opened, but the access DB wasn't opened exclusively.)
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    Re: Linked Excel Files (2k)

    Excel is not really multi-user. There is an option to share a workbook, but it is flaky. So a multi-user database with a link to a workbook is bound to cause problems. So it's better to import the Excel table, or to use a make-table or append query to transfer the records from the linked Excel table to an Access table.

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