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    Update Query (2k)

    I'm using an update query to try and update my main table from a linked excel table. The main table and linked excel table have the same feilds. I tried changing the query type to update query, and where it says update to: i put '[Drawing Table]![Drawing Number]' (which is my main table) expecting the main table to be updated when the query was run. However when i run it, i get a Enter Paramater Value prompt. Are update queries not used for this purpose? or am i just doing something wrong?
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    Re: Update Query (2k)

    An update query is used to modify existing records. If you want to update an Access table from a linked Excel table, you must add both to the query, and join them on a field (or combination of fields) that uniquely identifies the records.

    An append query is used to add records from one table to another. In this case, you would base the query on the linked Excel table. when you select Append Query from the Query menu, you will be asked to specify the target table.

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