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    Word 97 - change label size after creation

    I have a user who has created labels in Word 97. SHe has decided she wants to use a different label size than the one that she created, but she doesn't want to re-type all the labels. Is there an easy way to do this? I didn't think so because it's actually a table, but I figured if anyone knew, you guys would. Thanks! - By the way, we can't use any add-in programs.

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    Re: Word 97 - change label size after creation

    Hi mmcmanis,

    It involves a few steps and creating a Mail Merge to generate the new labels, but it can be done.

    - Delete any empty columns between the labels
    - Press <Ctrl H> to open Find/Replace and Replace All for the following:

    Find What: ^p^p (Two paragraphs in sequence)
    Replace with: (leave blank to delete the double paragraph marks after each label)

    Find What: ^p (paragraph mark)
    Replace With: ^t (tab)

    - Go to Table/Select Table
    - Go to Table/Convert Table to Text
    - Use the Separate text with paragraph marks option
    - Add a blank first line and type field names for the list, each separated by a tab, (Name, Address, etc. don't worry about the information lining up)
    - Delete any extra information at the bottom of the list such as extra tabs or paragraph marks, section break, etc.
    - Save the file
    - Go to Tools/Mail Merge
    - Under the Create command select Mailing Labels
    - When prompted, select "New Main Document"
    - Under the Get Data command, use Open data source and select the file you previously created
    - When prompted, select "Set up Main Document"
    - Select your new label
    - Insert your Merge Fields in the sample label in an Address format (if that is what you are using)
    - When you return to the Mail Merge Helper, click Merge and merge to a new document

    You might want to consider turning the list back into a table and create a permanent data source for future mail merges. This way if you need to generate new labels all you need to do is a quick merge.

    If you do elect to do this and if you are working with addresses, it is recommended that you separate information such as First Name, Last Name, City, State, and Zip to accommodate sorting, filtering, etc. Here is an article that can assist you with that process:
    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

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