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    copy db to another location (Acc 2K)


    I took a new position to maintain a database, which is already in production. The database is split as front end/back end database where the table (be) on the server and the (fe) forms, queries, etc distributed users machine. My question is two fold:

    1. I was trying to copy the database onto a CD or Flash drive so I can take it home to make some changes. Do I need to delete the link so that both the fe and the be will be in the CD, or do I just need to go to the path in the cod and change it there?
    When I open the Log in form in design mode and go to cod, I see the following:

    Set dbs

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    Re: copy db to another location (Acc 2K)

    The path for linked tables is hard coded. When you move the backend to a different location, either because you are taking the database to your home, or because it migrates to a different server, you will have to update all the links. You can do this using Tools | Database Utilities | Linked Table Manager.
    All code referring to the location will have to be changed too. The best way to do this is to define a public constant in a standard module, and use this constant in the rest of the code instead of the literal value. For example, in a standard module:

    Public Const cstrDbName = "bhha_fsVol1appsfolder namedb name.mdb"

    and elsewhere:

    Set dbs = OpenDatabase(cstrDbName)

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