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    How to format calculation form fields (Word 2002 on XP)

    Hi, all. I'm new to the lounge and have been trying to come up with a solution to my problem for going on a week. Hoping y'all will be able to help...

    I have a Word form template for creating a commercial invoice. A drop-down field (bookmark name is CurCurrency) allows the user to select the currency: CAN$, US$,

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    Re: How to format calculation form fields (Word 2002 on XP)

    Hello Christine,

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge.

    The format of a form field is read-only in Visual Basic. So instead of trying to modify the format, I would insert a cross-reference to the CurCurrency dropdown before each form field that represents a currency amount, whether entered manually or calculated. You do this as follows:

    - Position the insertion point to the left of a form field that contains a currency amount.
    - Select Insert | Reference | Cross-reference...
    - Select 'Bookmark' as 'Reference type'.
    - Select 'Bookmark text' as 'Insert reference to' (this is the default).
    - Select 'CurCurrency' as 'For which bookmark'.
    - Click 'Insert'.
    - Repeat for other form fields.

    Make sure that 'Calculate on exit' has been ticked for the CurCurrency dropdown.

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