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    IP address conflict

    My screen has started (today) displaying the cheerful message pasted in the doc attached every few minutes.
    The setup is a 4-port Linksys router out of the back of a Netgear asdl modem. The router connects to 3 computers and a playstation.
    Clearing the OK button restores everything and everything seems to work ok.
    The IP address mentioned is that given in the IPconfig command in a dos window.
    1. How do I find out what the hardware address quoted refers to?
    2. What do I do about it?

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    Re: IP address conflict

    One of your other PCs, or the playstation, have the assigned address you see in that graphic. The simplest way to resolve this would be to release and renew the IP Address on this particular PC.

    I will assume you're using a Windows XP computer here. From the start menu, select run. At the prompt, type cmd and press enter. This will display a command prompt.

    <pre>ipconfig /release *
    ipconfig /renew *</pre>

    This should get you a brand new IP Address from the DHCP Server built into the Linksys box.
    Christopher Baldrey

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