This problem was described by someone else recently. I've had it for a few weeks and presume some programs are incompatible. I have 256 MB RAM and the resources are OK. I also downloaded Filemon and HandleEx, but I don't know how to evaluate the information. After I've been working for a while, the left mouse button becomes slower to react, needs clicking several times, sometimes shows a 'stop' sign. Sometimes the problem won't go away after reboot. It was there for the first time immediately I booted up today, and later improved. My Windows 98 is German. I thought it might be a program in Startup. Or perhaps Outlook 2000. How can I narrow it down? A new mouse driver (Logicitech Cordless Wheel Mouse) didn't help, but then I don't think it's a mouse problem.

Can anyone tell me how to pin down the problem?