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    office 97 is huge! (office 97, win98)

    Hi, a coworker said his daughter did something to his pc so that now when he uses his office 97 apps, everthing is huge. He only sees half a window and has to use the scroll bars to move around his documents. The control boxes are also huge so it isn't the font size or document zoom. He also says his desktop is normal so I don't think it's his monitor resolution.

    Is this some kind of vision disability feature? If so, how does he turn it off?


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    Re: office 97 is huge! (office 97, win98)

    Right-click anywhere on the desktop (but not on the icon). Choose Properties from pop-up menu. Click Apperance tab. Make sure that is "Windows Standard" ( not "Windows Standard (large)" or "Windows Standard (extra large)") option in "Scheme" box. Or you can choose any normal (not large) scheme from drop-down list.

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