My web page (downloads) has a new vehicle for ideas given to me by Kevin Paddock of this parish El-Pasto.

"Slide" is written in Word97SR2/VBA and takes snapshots of your screen OR the active window and logs them to a Powerpoint97 presentation.

It is early days yet, and not very flashy, but if you're bored go take a look.

I've recorded me playing Solitaire (geez I'm FAST!) and also went to a <A target="_blank" HREF=>screen-cam in Hollywood</A> and recorded shots of bright red cars heading North, in my Powerpoint presentation.

I still have problems shutting down PowerPoint, so there is a MsgBox either side of the Presentation if you elect "AutoRun". The first says "Waiting for presentation to start" and the second says "Waiting for presentation to finish".