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    funny character printing (Win2k/O2k/Excel2k)

    i exported an O2k address folder to Excel. i opened the file and use 'concatenate' pull & organize the names into a new worksheet for printing. at the end of each company name, a funny 'box' character shows & prints that does not show up in the exported worksheet. i think its has something to with a linefeed and i think its related to a '..' pattern in the exported worksheet. i tried to 'Search & Replace' but don't know what to look for.

    thank you.

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    Re: funny character printing (Win2k/O2k/Excel2k)

    See if Jan Karel's find-&-replace advice <!post=here,129369>here<!/post>, (except leave the replace box empty) removes the boxes; if not, you can either isolate the character in a cell and use =CODE(cell) to determine what ASCII value it is, or you could post an small example so we can figure out what the character is.
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