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    pivot table formatting (2000)

    Hi there, i have a pivot table with currency and percentage formatting on my fields. I need to format some of the percentage cells to highlight 20-40% and 41-99%. SImple background colour would suffice. Using conditional formatting in the pivot seems to be ignored; have applied conditional formatting to source data and that works and is saved, have ensured "preserve formatting" is ticked in Pivot Table options but no luck showing formatting in the Pivot Table. The data 3 years of accumulated sales figures and i don't want to have to play "spot the cell" and format them manually.
    I am NOT a programmer and don't know VBA so can anybody help me with a way to do this avoiding programming. I will be most grateful for any tips here as this file is going to grow with future sales figures and if i can apply a format automatically that will be wonderful. Cheers and thanks.
    Many thanks for any help, much appreciated.
    Have a great day!

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    Re: pivot table formatting (2000)

    Conditional formatting does work in a pivot table, but the problem is that conditional formatting belongs to a fixed range of cells. As long as the dimensions of the pivot table remain the same as when you set up conditional formatting, it will work correctly, but if they change, either because you update the pivot table after the underlying data have changed, or because you change the layout of the pivot table, the range for conditional formatting will not coincide with the pivot table any more.

    It can probably be solved with a bit of Visual Basic; it would not have to be very complex, and we can help you with it, but it would be helpful if you could post a (zipped) scaled-down version of your pivot table with some dummy data (don't leave any sensitive data.)

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