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    Report help needed

    Using A2000 on Win ME. I need to make a printed report from a main and sub data record. The main is standard stuff, name, birthdate, location, etc., the sub is the data for each person in the record. I use this to print out the medication records of inmates in a county jail, ALL the information is subject to privacy issues. What I need is to print the form (Medication Administration Record or MAR) for each inmate each month. Some have one medication and some have 10 (or more). The form has space for 10 medications per sheet and my trouble is that the form is printing 10 medications per form and there is no direct correlation between the name and the medications. The records look correct from the FORMS when I input the data but when I try to create a report I get the above.

    I was looking for a command or something to tell the record to keep adding to the page, the name data is in the footer, and the medications are in the body of the report. How do I tell Access to print the medications for that individual on his form until full and go to a new form for the next person, or continue on page two if more than 10 medications.


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    Re: Report help needed

    I'd create a report based on the form that your are using for input and set up SORTING AND GROUPING options on the report to sort on the individual and create and header for the name field. In the details section of the report you could keep all the details on one page before the next header for NAME would appear on the subsequent page.

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