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    Database Design Issue (2003)

    I have a number of large database's which are linked to tables in an informix server.

    Each of these db's are performing different tasks and each db is of quite substantial size. For example one does my stock another looks after debtors while another looks after creditors etc.

    For my month end reporting I need to run routines in each respective db.

    What I was thinking is if I could link all the db's together, maybe using another db which would run all the routines I need to at month end, rather than running them separately.

    My questions are:

    Would this be a good idea? would it necessarily be more efficient?
    If so how could I do it?

    I would appreciate any ideas.

    Many thanks as always

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    Re: Database Design Issue (2003)

    A single Access frontend can link to multiple backend databases, so that is not a problem.

    As to whether creating such a frontend database will help you, I think only you can make that decision. My understanding of the situation as you described it is that you are trying to save the time going from one database to another. Do you have any reports that in some way combines information found in 2 or more of these databases? If not, then it seems to me that you would spend more time setting up the new database then you'd save.
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