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    Outlook and ActiveSync - Calendar Problem

    I am running Outlook 2000 and have recently had problems synchronising my Outlook calendar with my PocketPC. When I try to synchronise, ActiveSync "hangs". This started happening after I decided to check out MS Calendar on the net and exported my calendar file from Outlook to MS Calendar. I've run "Detect and Repair" and also rerun the Outlook install, but to no avail. Anyone else had this problem?

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    Re: Outlook and ActiveSync - Calendar Problem

    how does the ms calendar sync? (is it the hotmail/msn one? then it uses csv files last i looked)

    did you uninstall and reinstall activesync? if you needed ot install a sync utility for the ms calendar, it may have messed up the settings. exporting to text should not have caused hte problems.

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