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I have no idea how it happened, but I commented some of my own code in my VBAProject.otm file, and I ran the code.

This code looks at the:

1) .To
2) .CC
3) .BCC

Prior to this change, each time I ran the code I got the security message described in one of the earlier posts I think this one Post # 388122 and I had to check the Allow Access for checkbox, and then choose 10 minutes from the dropdown, and then click the Yes button because if you simply hit the Enter key on the keyboard, the default button is the No.

I trust MS did all these things so that any automated Press "yes" for me programs will not work.

So now I don't get this message every 10 minutes, while prior to me doing something as a simple commenting of code.

I am positive that the code commenting did not simply do the trick, and I am sure that Outlook broke down, and I need to fix it. But I am not sure if I want this feature to start.

Any of you guys can tell me what I can do to try and recover this feature, and then try commenting code again and see what happens?

Thanks a lot.

Baffled Wassim