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    Last updated February 15, 2009 with Vista's Hidden Check Boxes Feature from Bob Archell
    Post# Thread Title Date
    General Windows
    716087Lightweight Viewers in Context Menu12-Jul-08
    646937Keyboard Navigation (W2K, XP, Vista)29-Apr-07
    515948Closing several windows on taskbar at once 25-Sep-05
    411859Searching Microsoft Using Google29-Sep-04
    387181Exporting the Registered File Types07-Jul-04
    327293The Definitive Guide to Disable/Remove Messenger10-Apr-04
    296439Anti Adware, Spyware, Hijack27-Sep-03
    263731Import Registry (Win 2K/XP)13-Jun-03
    208862File Associations: Multimedia and Other28-Dec-02
    67299Extended character set/ diacritics: Gone?24-Aug-01
    67300Extended character set/ diacritics: Gone?24-Aug-01
    Windows Vista
    751777Vista's Hidden Check Boxes Feature08-Jan-09
    Windows XP
    646937Keyboard Navigation (W2K, XP, Vista)29-Apr-07
    630570Tip for Office Toolbar in Windows XP09-Feb-07
    582747Modem installation in Windows XP (Home/Pro)01-Jul-06
    475091Troubleshooting controllers and devices (Home/Pro)01-May-05
    434760Extended info tooltip for network files23-Dec-04
    325132Super Search Tip! Windows XP(All) 29-Dec-03
    274797Fixing Windows XP's Search Function (Pro/Home) 18-Jul-03
    252256Set Thumbnail View 10-May-03
    152260Modem sound (XP Pro)24-Jun-02
    105885WinXP ISO Recorder Power Toy08-Jan-02
    Windows 2000
    165892Potential Service Pack 3 Problems06-Aug-02
    Windows ME
    67012Windows Resources23-Aug-01
    Windows 98
    220827Registry backup24-Feb-03
    51548Fix Windows 98 File Open/Save Order25-Oct-01
    Windows Mobile
    746545Hacking the WinMo Registry 07-Dec-08
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