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    StarPost Index - Other Serious Stuff

    Last updated January 16, 2009 with Improving an Underexposed Photo from IanWilson
    Post# Thread Title Date
    Words from on High
    11543Missing Fonts?30-Aug-02
    1917Optimal Browser Settings for using these Boards12-Jun-02
    Security and Backup
    621615Anti-Keylogger measure26-Dec-06
    522621IE Security Issue - Exposing Clipboard Contents 13-Oct-05
    500782To foil a Keylogger19-Jul-05
    407306Software Firewall: Why use it, Where to get it20-Nov-04
    385669Tutorials & Links to Detection & Removal Tools26-Aug-04
    296439Anti Adware, Spyware, Hijack18-Jul-04
    728991Soundblaster Uninstall Drivers and Applications26-Aug-08
    563623A Tip for Cooling Your Case 05-Apr-06
    514681Safe removal of USB drives 13-Sep-05
    Web Design, Coding & Scripting
    212685Word Wrap in ASP10-Jan-03
    189871Cross Browser javascript tips22-Oct-02
    177840Quick tip: Tables with rounded borders14-Sep-02
    589883Troubleshooting file shares on a home network02-Aug-06
    Graphic Applications
    750019Improving an Underexposed Photo01-Jan-09
    706455Two Images In One Lounge Post25-Apr-08
    Other Software Applications
    691852Add a 'New Folder' icon to Windows Explorer15-Mar-08
    685500Combining Audio CD Image Files21-Feb-08
    204604Solving 'bleed' when OCR scanning newspaper09-Dec-02
    97939Zone Alarm11-Dec-01
    50153On-Line Security29-Jun-01
    30009Need boot disks in a hurry?06-Apr-01
    Lounge Matters
    637004 Lounge Watch 01-Feb-08
    438749Grabbing URLs for Lounge Posts - the easy way29-Dec-04
    164109Copying a Word or Excel table to a post05-Aug-02
    162644Making Tables in the Lounge26-Jul-02
    270762A Guide to Attaching Screenshots02-Jul-03
    66241Control Panel21-Aug-01
    Books / Ezines is DEAD22-Apr-01
    15619Virus Information18-Feb-01
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