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    Change Case Toolbar Button

    Some time ago I came across a clever suggestion for adding a "Change Case" button to the Word97 standard toolbar. It worked extremely well too - changing the case of a selection either up or down. Unfortunately a recent system crash (or some other disaster) resulted in this button disappearing from my toolbar... and of course I didn't keep a copy of the procedure I used to create it in the first place!
    Is anyone familiar with this trick? If so could I please have a copy of the process. Thanks.

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    Re: Change Case Toolbar Button


    You can change case without a button- highlight the text, then shift + F3 - repeat to toggle between lower, title and upper case.

    There is a button- Tools, Customize, format, Change Case. It doesn't have an icon though- you might have to do a fiddle to put an icon in.
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    Re: Change Case Toolbar Button

    Thanks Geoff. I had forgotten about the 'AllCommands' option - which includes Change Case of course. So I simply dragged the command to the Toolbar and BINGO... I now have a working "Change Case" button again! Thank you for your help.

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