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    Queries automatically changed by Access (XP, 2000)

    Okay - I am really, really frustrated. I have spent hours constructing a query only to find that is didn't work - not uncommon. However, when I go back into the query to look at my logic, it seems that Access has completely rearranged my logic.

    Maybe I don't understand it correctly but I thought that everything on the same row of the query implied an AND condition and that different rows was an OR condition and that the query will return those records that fit any of the OR criteria. Am I correct? Why does Access rearrange my rows and columns? It doesn't seem to make sense the Access changed my query.

    It may be useful to say that this is not truly a query object but the record source for a form showing records in continuous form mode. It looks like the standard query row/column design format but it may not technically be a query.

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    Re: Queries automatically changed by Access (XP, 2000)

    The query design grid is a way to visualize an SQL statement. Sometimes there is more than one way to do so, so it may happen that you designed a query using one way to view it, and Access later displays it another way. But it will still be the same query. For example, you might have a field City, with the following criteria in 4 rows below each other:

    "New York"

    This might be changed to one row:

    "Boston" Or "New York" Or "Philadelphia" Or "Baltimore"

    It looks different, but is functionally equivalent. I have never seen Access change a query to something that functions differently.

    By the way, if the record source of a form is a string of the form SELECT ..., it is a query - it is even saved as a query by Access, but as an invisible one.

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