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    Page Numbering Problem & protected document (Word 97 (SR1))

    hi all,

    This problem has come to my attention. The user has a 20 page document. When she saves as normal the page numbering in the footer is fine. When she tries to protect the document and save it the document gets messed up and the page numbering does not depict how many pages are actually in the document nor what page you are on. If there are 12 pages in the document it might state that there are 20 or it might say 1 of 2 or it might be 20 of 2. If she enables track changes and she closes the document without password protection it is fine. Once she enables protection then she will reopen to find the page numbering has changed and is marked in red as to be checked for changes.

    This seems to be an old problem based on my searches here and on the ng. Is there a solution. Also, is the problem fixed in Word 2002?



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    Re: Page Numbering Problem & protected document (Word 97 (SR1))

    Upgrading to Office 97 SR2 would be a good idea.

    You will find some fixes and workarounds for page numbering in <A target="_blank" HREF="">

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