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    Modifying Unique extract (Excel 2000)

    I am eternally grateful to Mr. Pearson for the formula "Extract Values on One List and Not ANother" on his website. Helping tremendously on a mass reconciliation project. One complication that it can't handle as currently written is when, in list A there are 3 similar amounts but only 2 similar amounts in list B. I wonder if and how one might amend that formula to say something to the effect of "if the sum of all amounts x in column A is not the sum of all amounts x in column B" then ... I could see that as a problem because the cell-by-cell formula would still show the amount in each relevant cell. I thought it might be interesting to propose the question. The current formula as I have it is:=IF(COUNTIF($C$9:$C$1504,H10)=0,H10,"ok"). Thanks for any observations.

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    Re: Modifying Unique extract (Excel 2000)

    Not sure exactly what you are after. If you want to display numbers that have more in C than in Col H you can use something like:
    <pre>=IF(COUNTIF($C$9:$C$1504,H10)>COUNTIF($H$9:$H $1504,H10),H10,"ok"). </pre>

    If you autofilled this, you would get a list of only the values that COl C had more than COl H otherwise it would give "ok"

    Is this what you want? If not could you elaborate.


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