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    Cell referencing - How to exclude workbook name? (

    Hi Everyone,

    I am confronted with the following problem:

    Working on a shared workbook, I am still developing the workbook.
    For this, I make a local copy of the workbook, then unshare it, and save it as original_workbook_name_date_time. (original_workbook_name_28-07-04_13h15.xls)
    This way I can fairly easy track changes and go back in case of errors / problems.

    Now, the problem is as follows:
    Suppose you have a formula referencing to a defined range (insert; name; define) When I use range names, Excel automatically inserts the name of the workbook in front, like:

    Now my problem is that I don't want Excel to insert the workbook name, as this gets me into trouble when I put back the workbook to shared mode, because there the file name won't have the date and time extention.
    But then, all formula's are using the wrong references!!

    Off course I keep all worksheets identical, and want to keep using range names.
    Any suggestions?

    Does any of you have a suggestion or link for more explanation toncerning use of functions and cell referencing in VBE?

    Thanks up front for your help!!

    Erwin <img src=/S/bouncenburn.gif border=0 alt=bouncenburn width=31 height=31>

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    Re: Cell referencing - How to exclude workbook name? (

    When does it put the workbook name in the reference?

    I have only seen this when you reference a different workbook.

    One thing you could do is do a find on the file name (including the single-quotes(') and the exclamation(!) and replace it with nothing. Then it will refer to the range in book that it is in.


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