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    Figure caption problem (Word2002)

    When I cross-reference to my Figures, I do get the normal display (e.g. Figure 10).

    Now it happens that in my document, several of there references are at the end of a sentence which is making them to break between "Figure" and "10".

    I find this very (!) ugly and am looking for the way to replace the space that is in between the "Figure" and the number with a "non-breaking" space [ Ctrl - Shift - Space ].

    I looked to change the "Figure" part but that's not it (I think)...

    Anyone who knows how to do this? (would be nice if that change would directly work for all my figures)

    Erik Jan

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    Re: Figure caption problem (Word2002)

    There was some discussion about this in the Word newsgroups, and the conclusion was that there is no way to make Word insert non-breaking spaces in captions automatically.
    You can do a Find and Replace when your document is finished, to replace "Figure " (with a normal space) with "Figure^s" (^s stands for a non-breaking space in the Find/Replace dialog) throughout the document.

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