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    Section break (odd page) turns into (next page) (Word XP)

    I have a document which is to be a book, with each chapter being a separate section. A chapter is to start on an odd page. That's always worked for me. However, in my current document, Chpater 2 ends on an odd page, and when I insert a Section break (odd page), it turns itself into a section break (next page) on its own. All I need to do to cause it to flip is to do any of the following: a) Change between print layout and normal mode; [img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] Change to print preview; c) Add another Section break (odd page) and then delete the offending section break (next page), including any blank lines between the two breaks.
    Has any one seen this, and know what;'s going on?
    P.S. Repairing the document doesn't fix the problem.

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    Re: Section break (odd page) turns into (next page

    I know that "c" can cause unexpected results because certain properties of section breaks may move up or down to the previous or next section. But simply previewing a document shouldn't change anything. You might want to take emergency measures to rescue the document's contents, just in case this is a sign of impending corruption. (Options are to copy and paste swaths of text into new documents; to save as RTF; and to open in and re-save from, among others.)

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    Re: Section break (odd page) turns into (next page) (Word XP)

    Hi Ian:
    I haven't followed the entire problem, but the way to have a chapter always start on an odd numbered page is:
    1. Insert a field at the end of each chapter. The field is:

    { IF { =MOD( { PAGE },2) } = 0 "" "[Page Break]This page left intentionally blank."}

    or: { IF { =MOD( { PAGE },2) } = 0 "" "[Page Break]This page left intentionally blank."}

    where [Page Break] is inserted with Ctrl+<Enter> & the curly brackets are inserted using Ctrl+F9, not typed. This inserts a formula {=MOD(x,y)}. The formula gives the remainder when "x" is divided by "y". e.g. {=MOD(7,3)} would equal 1 (7 divided by 3 is 2 with a remainder of 1).

    2. Set the style for the chapter heading with a paragraph attribute of "page break before".
    3. Then either select all (Ctrl+A) & press F9 to update fields or print.

    In the latter case, make sure Tools/Options/Print is set for "Update fields". Also, when you update the fields or print, you must have field codes turned off. Otherwise, the fields themselves affect the pagination. This is more fully explained in an article by John McGhie's, MVP at:

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