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    Twain Data Source Redirector error

    My daughter recently purchased a Dell Dimension Desktop 4600 and an HP PSC 2510 (printer/scanner/copier/fax). When she tries to run a scan she gets the following Twain Data Source Redirector error:

    "The Twain Data Source Redirector could not locate all of the files or information it needs in order to know where and how to redirect TWAIN function calls. Check for the existance [sic] and contents of the following files: FileNames" etc

    There is also a "Setings..." button. Error message is attached.

    The two spelling errors even made us suspect a virus, but Norton turned up nothing.

    Neither Dell nor HP has been able to help. The only thing Dell suggested was that my daughter could reinstall the entire operating system. However, she was not anxious to do that at this time because she had work she was trying to do.

    Any ideas on the cause of her problem?

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    Re: Twain Data Source Redirector error


    Since TWAIN usually refers to a data image acquisition device, scanner, digital camera, I would suspect a problem with the HP install rather than the XP system itself.

    I would try to first Un-install the HP unit from Device Manager. Is this a USB device?
    If so, unplug the device after un-installing from DM. Check Hp for updated drivers & Reboot.
    Install the software for the device first, then plug in the unit ( with the power off ) and let the OS recognize it again. Check in DM to see if it is recognized properly.

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