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Thread: windows 98 se

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    windows 98 se

    The following message is being displayed on the desktop after windows loads: Second chance-confirm discard. The amount of space used by checkpoints and drive C has exceeded your drive space limit for that drive.

    Either change your limit or click discard & second chance will discard the following checkpoints: 1,2.

    Don't show me this dialog again. Discard checkpoints automatically when my limits have been exceeded.

    The hour glass never goes away and the computer is frozen at this point. Can you tell me what to do to fix this?


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    Re: windows 98 se

    Hi Mike

    Try running the computer in safe mode. When the computer starts to load press F8 until the Windows 98 startup menu appears then select safe mode.

    Now run msconfig (click on Run.. and type msconfig)
    You now have to look for the program that is causing problems. Due to your error messages it is possibly a program called Second Chance (by Powerquest?). On the startup tab locate this program and de-select it so that it will not run on startup and re-boot the machine. If the computer still freezes then it will probably be another program causing the problem so you may have to repeat this process for other items in the startup tab.

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