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    Local Installation Source Tool (2003)

    The Local Installation Source Tool may be of use to those of you with Office 2003. A local installation source is a copy of the installation files held locally so that a user can update, repair or add new Office features without needing access to the original Office CD. Prior to Office 2003 if you did not set up a local installation source when you installed Office you could not add one after the fact. This tool now makes that possible.

    Using the Local Installation Source Tool, administrators can:
    <UL><LI>Disable the local installation source for users who are running short of hard disk space.
    <LI>Move the local installation source to a different drive.
    <LI>Enable the local installation source after Office is installed.[/list]

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    Re: Local Installation Source Tool (2003)

    Another good idea if you have the hard disk space (and who doesn't these days), is to copy your installation cd's to your server, or a folder on your local hard drive and install from there.

    We now have volume licensing in our office - but previously it was a nightmare because you had to make sure you put the CD in for that particular installation of office, so it would be scrambling round the office trying to find the right CD. Installing from a HD is always easier.


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