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    Replace Paragraph Mark near Table (97-2003)

    I've noticed Word is rather fussy about replacing (specifically with nothing) paragraph marks if they precede a table. Sometimes, it won't remove them, sometimes it won't remove any of the preceding paragraph.

    I'm trying to remove hidden text in one fell swoop, by searching for the "Instructions" style and replacing it with nothing. If the text isn't hidden, it's generally better about removing the text, but the paragraph mark sticks around. This is rather frustrating to the user, as well as the developer.

    Has anyone else seen this, and seen ways to avoid the problem?

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    Re: Replace Paragraph Mark near Table (97-2003)

    I see some differences in behavior between a Character style and a Paragraph style, but neither likes to delete the paragraph mark before a table. I suspect you'll have to loop (Find, delete, Find, delete) yourself rather than using Replace All.

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