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    Combine pivot table with autofilter (XL 2002)

    Is there a way to combine a pivot table with autofilter?

    My data includes columns for Destination and Volume plus several other columns. I have a pivot table that shows the sum of the volume for each destination. I would like to use autofilter to select just some of the rows based on various criteria from the other fields in the data, and have the pivot table adjust itself accordingly. For example, one of the columns is TripTime, and includes values from 3.0 to 15.0 hours. I want to select just the rows where the TripTime is less than 5 hours, and have the pivot table adjust itself based on the selected rows.

    The Page control for the pivot table doesn't work because it won't select a range of data.
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    Re: Combine pivot table with autofilter (XL 2002)

    If you select the cell outside the pivot table and to the right of the headerand then chose date-filter-autofilter, you can add the filters to the pivot table


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