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    Word to Mac Conversion

    Hi I'm just trying to suss an anoying attachement problem for a friends IMAC. How do we convert MS word documents (.doc) to either RTF or an appleworks format for reading. I've seen word document readers but i've never worked with a Mac before (and can't find one) so whats the next move. I've worked out how to configure file helpers and now only need to get the machine to recognize and convert the files. Anything I've downloaded up to this point has been of no help.

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    Re: Word to Mac Conversion

    Um, 18 people have looked at this enquiry, does this mean that there is no solution. Can someone versed in macology confirm this for us as I'm determined to fix this problem without buying MacOffice.
    Cheers again.

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    Re: Word to Mac Conversion

    Would it be helpful to save the doc as a PDF then just download Acrobat reader on the imac? or does it have to be edited and such?
    have fun

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    Re: Word to Mac Conversion

    Ok, I'll bite. Some questions to start with.

    What is "suss"? You use it as your 6th word.

    Are you trying to convert FROM a Mac to either RTF or AppleWorks or FROM a PC to a format that a Mac can read?

    What version of Word are you using?

    Is this a file that is GOING to your friend who has a Mac?

    If so, what version of Word does he/she have?

    Let's start with those questions.


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    Re: Word to Mac Conversion

    To save a Word document as RTF, you can do File/Save As and choose Rich Text Format as the file type. I don't know whether or not that will be readable by AppleWorks or not, though. I got the same question from a friend just yesterday who uses AppleWorks and could not open a Word document that had been sent to her. I saved it as Text With Layout (*.ans) and she was able to open it and edit it. I don't know how much formatting was preserved - that wasn't an issue in her particular case.

    Lee Morgan

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    Re: Word to Mac Conversion

    Sorry been busy for a couple of days so forgive my rudeness (ie not replying when offered help). Suss means: understand/work out.
    The problem is that the Mac does not have word on it and I'm unable to find a reader (there is a windows version but not a mac.) In windows its fairly easy to solve this problem but after spending some time on it I've come to the conclusion that its one of those "sales" things we all bump in to every now and then. If anyone comes up with a solution I'll quite happily "eat humble pie". Thanks everyone.

    Graeme Livermore
    temporarily in The Cayman Islands.

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    Re: Word to Mac Conversion

    Hi graemel,

    Have you considered saving it as HTML?

    I have also heard about icWord which is a Word viewer for the Mac (It's ~20 USD):

    I've never personally used it myself, but have heard it works. They do have a free trial so it might be worth a look.

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