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    conflict with AOL (IE 6.0)

    I don't know why, but everytime I Isign on to AOL, version 9, my internet explorer becomes disabled and I get a "page cannot be displayed" error for whatever I try. This does not happen with Netscape. As usual, Microsoft and AOL are pointing fingers at each other and I cannot get any help from either company.

    Can anyone else help?

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    Re: conflict with AOL (IE 6.0)

    In the old days, before folks had home networks and broadband connections, life was so simple. After starting AOL, when you started IE, it would automatically figure out that AOL was its one and only path to the Internet. Here are some guesses:

    Does your setup involve any other active network connections that could be confusing IE?

    If you visit the settings for your dial-up connections and any LAN connection (see Tools>Internet Options...>Connections tab):
    ... is IE supposed to automatically try to connect using any particular service?
    ... do you have anything "hard-coded" in there in the way of proxy servers set up (under the Settings... button)?

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