Hi everyone,
this problem has been driving me nuts for the last week(including the weekend unfortuntely)
I don't know what's causing it, but here are the symptons:

When I try to import from another DB it takes 2 attempts.
After the first, for a split second you see an egg timer,
so maybe something is going on. However nothing gets imported.
I have to repeat the process a 2nd time to get anything and that's when this happens:

When I try to import forms/modules from another DB - complains that 'name conflicts with existing module, project or object library' now this is importing into a conpletely empty DB, no data/no modules/no code of any kind. The forms & modules get imported, however then everything remotely related to VB/Macros/Modules don't work - everything from wizards ('undefined appString') to hand coded procedures.

I can't see a pattern to what's going on, I even started from scratch, with just a paper representation of the tables and typed in all in by hand. It seems to be completely random.

Last night I had gone farther than I ever had(without it freezing). Stopped for a second to make a backup(just incase)
pressed the save button, saved ok, went back to the DB - the DB didn't work anymore. Restored the saved one - same effect.

It began to complain about some code running in the background that had to be turned off before I could close it. Although then the VB editor wouldn't open for some reason. I couldn't open any of the (automatic, wizard) macros that used to be there.

All of my old (and totally unrelated) DBs' are working perfectly.
I can use all the features without a problem.

What does everyone think? Reinstall/Corrupt/Virus? I don't know
but I sure need help as quickly as possible.
Thanks everyone,