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    goto record command (2000/xp)

    Have created a database from scratch and have created so far, three separate tables ie, studentid (primary key), enrolmentid (primary key) and visitid (primary key). They have relationships based off the studentid. I have been having problems when creating forms with buttons to open, close or whatever. For some reason the wizard is having problems - activex and ms access problems. However have decided to run a macro to do some of the basic functions such as open, close forms etc.

    Main problem is if I am sitting in a particular record in form view and I want to open another form in regards to the current record, how do I set the macro to do just that. I am using the "goto" record command, but am having trouble using the "offset" option. <img src=/S/confused.gif border=0 alt=confused width=15 height=20> Please help me.

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    Re: goto record command (2000/xp)

    About the ActiveX problems etc.: see if the suggestions in <post#=340852>post 340852</post#> help.

    I wouldn't use the GoToRecord action, but set the WhereCondition argument of the OpenForm action. I never use macros for this purpose, but VBA code. It would go like this:
    - Put a command button on the student form. Let's say you name it cmdOpen.
    - With the command button selected, activate the Event tab of the Properties window.
    - Click in the On Click event.
    - Select Event Procedure from the dropdown list.
    - Click the ... to the right of the dropdown arrow.
    - The Visual Basic Editor will be activated, and the first and last line of the event procedure will already be there:

    Private Sub cmdOpen_Click()

    End Sub

    - The insertion point will be in the blank line in between.
    - Press the tab key, then type the following code:

    DoCmd.OpenForm FormName:="frmOtherForm", WhereCondition:="StudentID = " & Me.StudentID

    - Replace frmOtherForm by the name of the form to be opened.
    - I have assumed that StudentID is a number field.

    Post back if you have questions, or need more assistance.

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