<P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by Leif on 04-Aug-04 08:12. To remove rogue space character from the url.)</P>In our office I have shared my calendar with my staff (4 others) via net folders
This is working as they can make appointments on my calendar and the other staff can see them (after net folder updates)
Is there a way to have a reminder/email/notification sent to me to confirm that an alteration has been made?
The appointments can be set with a reminder but that defaults to 15 minutes before hand
If someone makes an appointment for me next Friday I would like a confirmation now not 15 minutes (or an hour or a day) before hand
Is this possible some how?
I have seen macro code on the slipstick sight that can send an email to me when the reminder goes off here but that doesn't solve the problem - i want to know about it now so i am prepared for later
Any ideas greatly appreciated