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    Suppress PromptForSave (Outlook 2002/XP)

    Hello -

    With many thanks to members of this board, I am utilizing the below macro to automate what was once a very tedious email exercise in Outlook. However, there is still one "quirk" in this macro that I would like to eliminate/suppress/or have automatically select "No". When I run this email, I get prompted to Save my Email. I would like to be able to turn off this Prompt or at least have the macro automatically choose "No". Any suggestions?

    FYI: This macro incorporates Redemption in order to bypass the Security pactch in Outlook. Also, I have attempted to identify the line of code that probably needs to be modified below . . .


    Sub CompleteAndSendTest()
    ' Step #1: Create a reference to the open message
    ' OLD (native Outlook):
    'Dim msg As Outlook.MailItem
    'Set msg = ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
    ' NEW (Redemption library):
    Dim oMsg As Outlook.MailItem
    Set oMsg = ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
    Dim msg As Object
    Set msg = New Redemption.SafeMailItem
    msg.Item = oMsg
    ' Step #2: Set the subject line and send the message
    With msg
    .Subject = "Your Resume"
    End With
    If Not (msg Is Nothing) Then Set msg = Nothing
    ' NEW:
    ' Needed in Outlook 2002 SP3, not sure about other versions
    oMsg.Close SaveMode:=olPromptForSave ..............................................(I believe this needs to be modified)
    If Not (oMsg Is Nothing) Then Set oMsg = Nothing
    ' NOTE: Maybe necessary to press Send/Receive at this point,
    ' see
    ' Step #3: Delete the selected message in the active folder
    'Exit Sub 'Uncomment for testing without deleting
    With ActiveExplorer.Selection
    If .Count = 1 Then
    ' What to do if multiple messages are selected?
    End If
    End With
    End Sub

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    Re: Suppress PromptForSave (Outlook 2002/XP)

    Isn't this a substantial duplicate of your <!post=Outlook Post,394902>Outlook Post<!/post>? If the answers provided there are not working for you, please respond to that thread.
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