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    Menu Bar (Excel 2003)

    We're not sure what happened but my co-worker lost her menu bar at the top in Normal View. If she goes to Full Screen, it shows up. They have tried reloading the software and it doesn't change it. How can we get her menu bar back up?


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    Re: Menu Bar (Excel 2003)

    Let her try this first:

    - Activate the Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11)
    - Activate the Immediate window (Ctrl+G)
    - Type CommandBars("Worksheet Menu Bar").Position = 1
    - Press Enter.
    - Switch back to Excel (Alt+F11)

    If this does not help, try to locate her .xlb file. It is probably named Excel11.xlb. On my PC, it is stored in Cocuments and Settings<username>Application DataMicrosoftExcel. She must display hidden files and folders in Windows Explorer, for the Application Data folder is hidden. If found, let her quit Excel, move the file to another folder, then start Excel.

    If that does not help either, take a look at Jan Karel Pieterse's <!post=Systematic Approach to Behavioral Problems in XL,290455>Systematic Approach to Behavioral Problems in XL<!/post>.

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