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    "Item could not be saved..."

    Has anyone seen this before? I have a user who Replies to a message that was sent to her. While she is in the middle of typing her Reply text, she gets an error: "The item could not be saved because it has been changed by another user or in another window. Do you want to make a copy in the default folder for the item?" <YES> <NO> She's baffled because she has neither asked Outlook to close or save this message, nor should it have been "changed by another user or in another window." There error comes up periodically while she is typing her reply text. If you click YES to the error, it will save a copy of the e-mail: NOT in Drafts, but in the Inbox ?? Anyone ever seen this before? Any idea what's causing it? We're using Outlook 98 - I checked Technet, but couldn't find anything on it. Thanks

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    Re: "Item could not be saved..."

    I run into this problem regularly at work in Outlook 98. To date I have not found out why or more importantly, how to fix the problem.

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