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    moving message error (Outlook 2002 SP2)

    I have two users that are both experiencing the same sporadic problem. Whenever they send an important email to a client, they BCC themselves so they can easily keep track of it. After it arrives in their inbox, they move the message to a specific folder. The problem is that sometimes they receive a message that says something like "The message has been modified, would you like to make a copy?" If they click Yes, Outlook places a copy in the folder and keeps another in the inbox. They both have many sub-folders set up in their inbox, but no pst files. This is on an exchange server. Does anyone why this is happening and any way to prevent it?

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    Re: moving message error (Outlook 2002 SP2)

    I can't imagine how a message could be modified just sitting in the Inbox. However, there do seem to be ways to intentionally or accidentally modify a message that is open for viewing. Do you know if they are opening the message first (e.g., to see if the full text got sent)? Perhaps something about the stationery or an attachment is causing a modification. They might try closing the message, not saving any changes, and trying to move the message from the Inbox.

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