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    IE5 users - please test this site (5.01, 5.5)

    I created a little disappearing and re-appearing navigation bar that I've tested in IE6, but I don't have a convenient way to test it in IE5. Can anyone help? You will enjoy the process more if you have a fast connection. You will need to have "Active Scripting" enabled.

    The slide show starts here. You should see a PowerPoint slide saved as a graphic file, overlaid with a large yellow field and a blue graphic explaining the navigation system. There is custom code to turn the mouse pointer into a "hand" over the blue graphic because IE5 did this differently than IE6.

    At the bottom of the slide should be 5 "VCR-style buttons" with a red outline, and above that some information about your browser. The triangles in the buttons should flash yellow twice when you mouse over them, if the buttons can do anything. (E.g., on the first slide, the leftmost two buttons don't do anything, so those should not flash.) The attached graphic shows the initial screen, with some annotations in gray boxes.

    If you have problems with the navigation, or anything else (not include falling asleep due to boring content), please refresh the page and copy and paste the browser information into your post. Thanks!
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