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    Palm to PocketPC

    Hi All,
    A friend of mine has a Compaq PocketPC vs 3.0???? They never sync'd it to their pc and used it as a stand alone pda. They lost the battery in it and have since lost everything in their contact list.

    I have a Palm OS address book listing that I'd like to transfer to the PocketPC so they would not have to enter all the information over again.

    Is this possible via beaming? What are the other alternatives?



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    Re: Palm to PocketPC

    There may be utilities to directly transfer from whatever Palm uses for an address book to the PocketOutlook address, I don't know.

    But do you synch your Palm with Outlook on a desktop? If so, you could probably install Activesynch (the MS conduit between PPC and desktop) on the desktop and then synch the PPC.

    Do backups first however!
    Keith Rodgers
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