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    Line chart (2000 SP-3)


    I'm trying to create a line chart but it doesn't come out anywhere near what I need. I walked through the wizard and came up with the attached file. The general layout is good but there are still these problems:

    -- Not all employees are showing (the horizontal axis).

    -- The data looks compressed. I'd like the chart a lot larger but I can't change it in the Design view.

    -- I can't fix the legend names. Right now, they are the field names from the table--I'd like something more descriptive.

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    Re: Line chart (2000 SP-3)

    Double click the chart in design view. You probably won't see the actual data, but you will be able to change the size of the chart area. It's best to select Format | Selected Chart Area before resizing, and clear the Auto Scale check box in the Font tab. If you make the chart area wider, all employee names should be displayed.

    To fix the legend, you will probably have to provide aliases for the field names in the query that acts as data source for the chart.

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