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    My Documents at Start Up (Professional SR1)

    On my home computer, when I boot up My Documents appears, and then the computer reboots and it disappears. All of the programs on the Taskbar have disappeared. When added, they only hold until the next reboot.

    On my work computer, Desktop. ini appears and must be closed in order to complete start up.
    Any suggestions to repair either or both??

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    Re: My Documents at Start Up (Professional SR1)

    The symptom of finding a folder open has been attributed to something in the startup sequence that was supposed to be in that folder but is no longer there. Not sure about the rebooting or the INI file.

    Have your computer had virus or trojan infections that might have been incompletely cleaned up? It seems someone or some sophisticated program will need to go over the startup sequence with a fine-toothed comb and figure out why it has gotten out of whack. Perhaps a good start would be to scan both for malware and for spyware, in case there is anything malicious installed, and then to use some of the utilities described on the software board to view and fix your startup folders/registry keys/etc.

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