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    Access 2003 Conversion Toolkit Available (ACC2003)

    For those interested, the Access 2003 Conversion Toolkit is now available for download from Microsoft. See link:

    Access 2003 Conversion Toolkit

    Brief quote: "Access 2003 developers, administrators, and users now have a new toolkit to aid them in analyzing Access 97 databases for upgrade and conversion to Access 2003. Use the tools in the Access 2003 Conversion Toolkit to find and analyze your databases in preparation for switching to the latest version of Access.

    "Note: This toolkit does not convert your databases. It only helps you with scoping and identifying known issues that have an impact on the conversion process."

    To be able to use the "report tool" requires "Microsoft Office Access 2003" or "Microsoft Access 2002". There's a "scan tool" that can be run from a command line that does not require A2002/2003, but not sure how useful that would be. The download file (ConvTool.msi) weighs in at a slim, trim 52475 KB so if you plan to download from a slow connection, better pack a sack lunch.... For more info on the toolkit, see:

    Microsoft Office Access 2003 Conversion Toolkit

    Disclaimer: I don't have ACC 2002/2003 installed so cannot provide any recommendations on how useful this tool is, if you are using these versions of Access, and need to convert "legacy" Access apps to new version, may be worth the trouble to download & check out.


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    Re: Access 2003 Conversion Toolkit Available (ACC2003)

    Thanx. Also see the recent comments by Tony55 and WendellB in the thread starting at <post#=375575>post 375575</post#>.

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